Friday, March 21, 2008

Is this too much to ask?

I don't live alone. There are other people who live with me - and have access to the Dungeon.

All I ask is for them to respect my space and clean up after themselves - put the Stampin' Scrub where it belongs, put the stamp sets where they go, stamp pads, etc.

I come down to the Dungeon today to find the Scrub down on the table (it generally sits up on my ink pad caddy), stamp set on the table (missing one stamp - that I couldn't find), ink pads in the wrong spots, and a 3-ring binder sitting on the floor open.

I want to throw a tantrum like a 3 year-old.

I think that my space (even though the space may belong to someone else, I own most of what's down there) should be respected. If I want things to be back where they were, put them back. Yes, I leave a mess sometimes, but it's MY stuff.

It's just frustrating.

It's also been a long week at work with sick people and oh, yeah, we have 3 inches of snow - it started snowing at 2pm (it's about 6:30 now) - and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. 1-3 inches from 2pm today to 8am tomorrow, my butt. I respect meteorologists, but seriously they're playing a guessing game at most.

Have a great Good Friday and terrific Easter!


Anonymous said...

Miss Sara - I don't think it too much to ask that others respect your property -- even if such a person has no respect for their own property, your stamping materials are yours, not theirs! I would suggest that you confront such person, in a way that will convey the fact that their behavior towards your stuff upset you, and that next time, such person should think twice about hurting you.
Good luck! Zanne

~amy~ said...

I know that we can all sympathize with you...

Sending good ju-ju your way....

Jessica said...

That really isn't too much to ask. You are letting them use your expensive toys, the least they could do is take care of them ! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Amen sister...keep your mitts off of Sara's stuff!

The blogasphere will be watching!