Sunday, March 2, 2008

Attack of the skunk

No, I haven't personally been attacked, but about 1:30-2am this morning, the unmistakeable odor of Pepe le Peu started drifting into my bedroom. It has now infected the rest of the house. There's a family of skunks living under the deck and we think that the motion sensor light startled one of them and it went skidding around the house, spraying all the way home.


I haven't even thought about going into the Dungeon to stamp because I'm afraid of the possible smell.

On the upside, it's above freezing here, things are melting, and it's supposed to be warm for the next few days. Which makes a nice respite from SNOW.

Another upside is that my color challenge card was put into the Weekly Favorites list on SCS and I won a Flourishes LLC stamp set through the Cake Decorating 101 contest. I'm thrilled for both.


Jan Scholl said...

but as bad as it is, skunk odor also means spring. at least here in Michigan. I just try to keep the dogs from getting it in the face as they chase anything in motion.

Neva said...

Congrats to you Sara. Great job. What is the Weekly Favorites List on SCS? I have never seen that before.