Friday, October 14, 2011

So I jumped in...

and realized the pool was way deeper than I thought.

The Dungeon is an even bigger mess than before - there's stuff EVERYWHERE on both tables, so while the clean-up/move is working, it's super slow.  The fact that I'm in a grab-my-materials-and-dash-upstairs-to-create mode isn't helping anything too.  I'm pretty sure this method of card creation is the reason I have the mess I did when I started the clean-up.

Plus, I have a storage dilemma.  Actually, I have 3:  1)Ribbon, 2) Nestabilities, 3) Punches.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would definitely appreciate them.  

On the plus side, I went through my Stampin' Up! sets and chose 63 to sell.  That's right - 63.  I thought I maybe had that many total, not that I could get rid of that many and still have more.  Obviously, I live in denial.