Sunday, January 13, 2008

Newest addition to the table

A while ago I bought into a share of 205 yards of various sizes and colors of grosgrain ribbon. It arrived this last week and I was faced with the conundrum of where to put all this new ribbon.

In a complete act of fate (or a sign I look at the most random stuff on the internet), I wound up at Nichole Heady's blog - Nichole is the owner of Papertrey Ink stamps. On her blog a while ago, she had a question/answer session about her studio - she had posted pictures.

Her ribbon was wrapped around wooden clothespins and held in penny candy jars - separated by color. It looked great.

Now, I don't mean to totally take her idea and run with it, but if it works, it works.
  1. I don't have lots of room. I was only going to get 1 jar, maybe 2, and just deal.
  2. She gets her clothespins at Dollar Tree dollar store. I have one of those within walking distance - if I wanted to cross a VERY busy road.
  3. I thought 60 clothespins was going to be enough for all my new ribbon and the stuff I already had. With some left over. Yeah right.
  4. I checked 2 Walmarts (where she said she got the penny candy jars) and they both were out. So I grabbed a "cracker" jar instead.

When I got home, I measured the lid with my Coluzzle circle pattern and cut a piece of Autumn Leaves adhesive mat pack. **tangent: I love this stuff. Cut it and peel the backing off. No need to fight with tape dispensers. I think I have to get some more when I go to Target next.

I wrapped some Celery 1/4" grosgrain that I had before my share came in around the edge of the lid and secured it with Tacky Tape.

The jar itself is decorated with Bo Bunny rub-ons. Honestly, these were a pain in the patootie to work with... probably because of the way I was working with them. I was using the whole sheet instead of cutting out what I wanted.

So here's the finished project with 60 clothespins of ribbon in it.

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