Monday, January 21, 2008

More VSN shtuff

A little more fill-in on the weekend. VSN's officially over - all cards up for honors were supposed to be in at 11pm EST last night. Over Saturday and Sunday, I got 7 more challenges done - for a grand total of 10 challenges out of 18. Not bad, but still, not that good. I haven't been able to play along with the VSN as it goes along. I always seem to play catch-up.

Now that all the cards are in, time to choose the honors gallery. Not winner's gallery, honors. The 2 cards each hostess liked the best out of her challenge. Personally? I had it easy - I had 43 cards in my challenge gallery and 10 of those were done by hostesses - who can't be chosen. I feel for the people who had 90-100+ in their galleries. Only choose 2?

My choices were made and my private message with my choices was sent to the VSN coordinators. The honors gallery list will go up later this week.

Here are the rest of my cards/projects from VSN:

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Carolyn King said...

Great job---love all your vsn cards. Congrats on getting them done..vsn is always tough with the time limit!