Saturday, December 15, 2007

Selling cards

Lunchtime was insane at work Friday. We generally have 5 or 6 people working at lunchtime - you need at least 5: 2 people with the morning kindergartners, 2 people getting kids from school and buses (I work for a school run daycare), and one person to be in the room with the kids that have just been retrieved from school. Friday? We had 3 - one of which hasn't worked lunchtime before. You never realize how automatic your actions are until you have someone asking questions.

I wound up in the same room as my boss (I was keeping an eye on the kindergartners who still needed to finish lunch) and we were talking about cards. She was hesistant about asking me this, but she finally asked me to make her some thank you cards. She had ideas of what they should look like and she was willing to pay me for them. I was flattered. I like making cards (if you haven't figured that out) and if I get paid for them, that's great.

Later on in the day, I get called back to see her and she has her list of what she wants for a card - colors, ideas on what to put on them, etc. We had to do a little negotiating because I don't have everything she wants, but overall she trusts me.

I can't wait to see how these cards turn out. I'll definitely post pictures.

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