Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mom's Christmas gift

I wasn't sure what I was going to get Mom. I was wracking my brain and couldn't figure it out. THEN I remembered I bought a pack of 4x4 marble tiles on Wednesday.

*headtodesk - hard*

How idiotic can I be????? I have tiles, I have stamps, I have felt disks, I CAN MAKE HER COASTERS!!!

Lord, please forgive me for being dense.

So I toddled down to the dungeon - what I call my stamping area. It's in the basement, unfinished, and at this time of year, COLD. I pulled the tiles out of their box and wiped them down with a face wipe - which are downstairs for the times when the scrub's upstairs and drying.

9 marble tiles for $5-something - not a bad deal. I had gone through the box at the store to see if they were really pitted and not good for what I was planning - and I'd grabbed a good box right off the bat. 1 tile has a crack that's visible on the top and bottom - other than that, the rest are good.

What I learned today: Palette Burnt Umber works nicely for stamping on marble - and if you leave it alone for long enough, it dries without heat setting. Wild Wasabi Classic ink does the same thing - only it takes longer to dry.

I stamped, then let dry for an hour or 2. Mostly because it's cold in the basement and I got distracted doing something else. I then went down and colored in the image with my SU Stampin' Pastels.

I need to seal my tiles - hopefully tomorrow.

I'll try to remember to take a picture when I seal the tiles.

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