Wednesday, December 12, 2007


One of my best friends and I were talking last week or early this week about marshmallows. Specifically making our own. Searching through the Food Network website, I found 2 recipes for marshmallows: one with egg whites, one without.

I know enough about food (my little brother's a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef) to know that the egg white marshmallow recipe is traditional. I'm a little iffy about making marshmallows that contain raw eggs. Yes, I eat raw cookie dough, but those eggs are destined to be cooked. The eggs is marshmallows aren't. What's more: marshmallows have to cure - 3 hours uncovered at room temperature. Who wants to risk it?

Okay, onto recipe 2. Created by Alton Brown for Good Eats. I LOVE this show - it's funny, knowledgeable and with the exception of stovetop macaroni and cheese (which turned out a little funny) and cream puffs (problems more than likely caused by an oven off temperature), every recipe from this show I've tried turns out. Enough raving about the show.

So I gathered all my ingredients and away I went. I made marshmallows without egg whites.

They seem to have turned out okay. I let mine cure overnight and cut them apart in this morning. I should take a picture of my pretty white pillows of fluff.

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