Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm over 1,000 hits!

Taking into account that I'm listed as part of the hits, I waited until I was over by quite a bit.


Being nice and in the holiday spirit, I'm offering blog candy.

  • A set of Rhonda Farrer Second Nature clear stamps
  • 2 - 3 yard lengths of velvet ribbon
  • Assortment of K&Co. paper - various sizes
  • 1 package of Spare Parts brads
  • 1 package of Spare Parts eyelets
  • 1 package of Spare Parts Gemstones

I work with kids - and we all know kids say the darnedest things. I shivered for some reason at snacktime and said as much. One of the kids pipes up with, "Shiver me timbers! I learned that from Pirates of the Bean." Me: "Pirates of the Bean? Is that a new Vegitales show?" Another teacher: "Sara, I think he means Pirates of the Caribbean." Kid: "yep. Pirates of the Bean."

I wanted to share my cute story, and your entry into this blog candy is to tell a cute "A kid said this..." story.

I've been over to and played (and now know what to use), so I'll be using to choose my winner. Blog candy ends midnight Friday/Saturday.

I can't wait to read your stories!


stampinsilvia said...

hahha your kid comment was funny! Here is my kid comment that I just find endearing! My Ds was praying and praying for a little brother and low and behold we had a little girl! He never really said much about her not being a boy and seemed to love her just the same. One day (she was a few months old at this point) we were all snuggling in my bed and her was looking at her lovingly and said: "Mommy, I didn't want an Isabella Marie, I wanted a Daniel Joseph." I was baffled and didn't say anything, so he kept going. " I didn't know I would love her so much! I didn't know she would smile at me like that. I'm glad we have an Isabella Marie!" Everytime I look at that sweet boys face it just melts my heart! I can't wait to read some of your other kid moments. Have fun with your Candy... I know I won't win cuz I'm #1, but it was fun telling my story!! Happy Stampin!


stamp and scrape said...

My 15 year old daughter had one of those eureka moments when she discovered (only the other day) that crisps, as we call them in the UK, are made from potatoes! It caused much merriment at a table full of guests!

Linda said...

I went to my granddaughter's Christmas program. The musical was a colony of penguins where Santa fell and got amnesia. The goal of the penguins was to help him get his memory back so he could remember what he needed to do. The very last penguin (a little girl) came up with the correct plan and it worked. Her little brother was in the very back of the auditorium and in a very quite portion, he yelled out "You did it, sissy". It could not have been planned any better--he was so proud of his sister.
Linda Peterson

tyrymom29 said...

This one story is not SO funny just embarassing ....A few years back we are at a family restaurant WIth my 2 boys and my parents decided to join us (my dad is a joker) The boys are very close in age so most of the time its a challenge to keep them from arguing about ANYTHING and EVERYTHINg .....Well Here my Youngest SON RYAN decides to Tatletale On his brother the loudest voice ever.......MOM ,,,, Tyler is stealing the Breast milk !!!!!
WHAT!!!! my dad had told him that they couldnt drink that because it was YA..... BREAST MILK !!!! OMG And let me tell you I was MORTIFIED !!!!!! EVERyone there was laughing Except me and my MOther wich when we left my poor father got it!!!! LOL The boys were only 7and 6 yrs old but OMG were we embaresed ....

Angel Wilde said...

We are a military family, but our two oldest boys were born in Iowa and younger daughter was born in Virginia. One day our daughter who was about 5 at the time was standing in the kitchen with her brothers and they were discussing where they were born. The 2 boys said they were from Iowa so they were Iowans and my daughter piped in that she was a virgin because she was born in Virginia. We all laugh about that to this day.

jodene said...

When my oldest daughter was 2 she would always knew when we were close to home for she could see the elevator of our little town in the distance except she thought it was a 'snowman' She would say 'look Mom there it's the snowman' She wouldn't believe it wasn't a snowman till she was about 5 or 6. Kids really have there own way of looking at things. Thanks for the chance. May you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

Littlekel90 said...

Love your blog (hee hee, colors are like mine), and your Christmas cards previously are adorable!

Congrats on hitting 1K! My funniest kid story has to be when my son was about 7 or 8 y.o., we were getting money out of the ATC/MAC machine when he noticed the dots in braille on the machine face. He said, "Mom, what are those dots for?" I told him they were for the blind to read what it says on the ATM (now mind you this was one of those machines that is way down low for your car). He said, "Ohhhh," and after a brief pause says, "what are they doing driving up to the MAC machine anyway?!" I really got a chuckle out of that and didn't have a good answer at first. Kinda makes ya think, huh? LOL :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

my sister nancy teaches a kindergarten class. One day the kids were coloring a dog. She went to check their progress and one student (a boy) had colored his Pink! When asked why he promptly announced "Because it's a girl!"

Kids do say the funniest things.
Great giveaway

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

My son Ben says the darndest things... he is such a funny bunny! We were on a road trip when he was 4 and he really wanted to listen to my CD walkman. So he put it on his ears and he was dancing away... He yelled, "Mommy, what am I listening to?" and I said, "UB-40". And he said..."No Mommy I Be 4, not 40!"

scfranson said...

I also work with kids, as a child care provider. The other day one of my little girls came up to me with her barette in her hand saying " my barette fell up".

Tejal said...

This is easy! I'm a physical therapist working for a geriatric clinic. I normally don't wear a white coat to work on saturdays. one day, an elderly lady with her grandson came for therapy. He wanted to see what exercises I gave to his grandma.
When i began the therapy, he kept asking where the doctor was, and I said, I am the doctor. He said no you're not. After saying "no you're not the doctor' for around 10 times, I asked him why?
"Doctors never wear jeans, they only wear a white coat!"
he doesn't believe that I am the doctor to this day!

congrats for the 1K hits!!

Cindy Vernon said...

In high school, my sister was nominated student of the month. She came home and announced proudly to my parents that it was an anonymous decision. My parents confused for a minute, looked at each other and my mom finally said, do you mean a unanimous decison? My sister replied of course, isn't that what I said?

Lilian said...

i don't have children yet... but i do LOVE them. i am especially in love with my pastor's 4 kids. the youngest one is 2 and he says the cutest things. one time, during nursery, he finished all his snacks first, so he turns to his buddy sitting next to him and says "share with me!"... so cute!! :)

Melissas said...

My 4yo ds recently came home and announced that he didn't want to be my son when he grew up, because only little kids are sons. I told him he will ALWAYS be my son, and I will always be his mama. He said "No, you can go buy a baby and he can be your son." Also, we were in a car accident a year ago and he asked "what happened?" to which I replied, "the *$&%^# car hit us!" After that, he would show me a toy car and ask, "is this a *$&^# car?"

imastampin said...

Hee, hee, these are funny stories.

Here's mine: My daughter has four children, the oldest three are in school, so they had portraits taken. She hung them on the wall, but the youngest, who is three isn't there yet. He recently gave himself a haircut, so she is waiting for that to clear up. She said to him that they need to go get his picture taken soon, and he said, "I don't want you to hang my picture by Ashley. I want you to take a picture of mashed potatoes and hang it by my picture." ?????? I still don't understand, but it sure made us laugh!

Linda SS said...

My 5 yr. old granddaughter always cracks me up. She spent the weekend with me and said two things that had me laughing. She said, "Grandma, I changed my mind about being a dentist when I grow up." I asked her what she's going to be instead. She said, "A fortune teller". I asked her if she wanted to read my palm & she said, "I can't do it yet, I need to go to fortune telling college first!"

She met a boy named Dylan in a Gymboree class when she was 2 and they have been "an item" ever since & both agree that they will marry one another some day. Now that they go to Kindergarten I asked her if she has any nice boys in her class and if she has a new boyfriend yet. She told me that she still plans to marry Dylan and she tells the boys in her class that she is not available. I said, "Well what happens if Dylan meets another girl and wants a different girlfriend." She said, "He can't, he doesn't get a choice. It's up to the bride".

Kim Ross said...

When I was a teenager, I babysat a pair of twins who lived down the street. One of them wanted a pickle so I got one out of the jar in the fridge and handed it over. She got upset because I hadn't taken off its "mustache" (the stem). :)

Kathy W said...

Kids do say the most incredible things; always important to listen from their young and fresh perspective. When my son and I were bowling once, a got three strikes in the last frame. It was at a place with an automatic scorer, and a turkey cartoon flashed on the screen. A little boy next to us started jumping up and down and said, "Mommy! That lady just got a chicken!!" My son and I found this hilarious. Thanks for the chance to win.

JenMarie said...

Hmmm, I don't have kids and aren't really around any so I don't have a kids story. Oh, well, kinds of, My mom said that one time after we finished eating dessert I said ' it's over.
Great candy!