Saturday, February 2, 2008

What I'm Giving Up for Lent

I'm generally not someone who is really religious. I don't have a problem with religion or anything like that - I am just of the opinion that my religion and faith is mine and I don't have to share anything about it if I don't want to.

While I don't belong to a denomination of Christianity that asks its members to give something up for Lent, I like to do it on occasion to see what my willpower is.

This year, I'm giving up buying anything stamping related. No cardstock, no dp, no brads, no stamps*, no stickers, no rub-ons. NOTHING.

*I want the SU set One of a Kind when it's available again. If it happens to be available during Lent, I will get it.

The reasoning behind my decision (while people are recovering from their faints of shock and horror): I put together a 12x12 paper rack I got for Christmas and realized I have a LOT of stuff - brads, cardstock, dp, stamps, etc. and I DON'T use it.

It needs to be used before I buy more. I don't want to be my grandmother with her boxes FULL of clothing patterns and fabric.

So, here we go. No more buying stamping stuff until March 24th.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Sara that is a major commitment. My heart literally went into palpatations as I was reading this. I love the Lord and feel as though I am fairly commited to my beliefs but I gotta tell you, you have challenged me cause I am not so sure if I could do what you are doing. Hang in there girl and when the going gets really tough, eat chocolate! hehe my cure for EVERYTHING!

Emma F said...

wooh! Now that'll be a test! I do admire your thinking though ... I think we're all guilty of 'hoarding' our supplies and saving them for 'best' which really isn't that smart! I bought the pretties kit and the felt flowers and haven't even opened the boxes ... crazy! So this week I'm going to! Good luck with your abstinence!