Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There was a sale...

at Hobby Lobby today. Actually it's going on all week. 30% off Cuttlebug stuff. Not as good as the 50% sale at Michaels last week, but not too bad.


I am now the proud owner of a Cuttlebug and 3 embossing folders: Swiss Dots, Script, and D'vine Swirl. Oh, and the little freebie die and embossing folder that came in the box.

I had to clean my stamp table in celebration. I don't think I've seen it this clean since before Christmas. Maybe I'll take pictures.

Just a random thought: What is it about a newly washed car that calls all the birds in the neighborhood to find it and poop on it? Are clean cars magnets for bird poop? My car sits outside every night and it gets pooped on only AFTER I go through a car wash.

Hoping that your cars don't get pooped on,


Neva said...

Sara, CONGRATS on your newly acquired CB. I LOVE mine and use it frequently as you will also. There is one site that sells folders for $4.45 as apposed to $5. http://www.qbaroo.com/HappyScrappinScrapbooking/main.cfm?categoryoid=61

Oh I just went to the website and it looks like supply and demand are heading the prices to $5 on the new folders but I promise I bought mine for $4.49. Maybe they will be again. The olders ones are. Thought you might want that info.
Happy Stamping & Embossin'

Anonymous said...

S - I am laughing at your comment about the birds! I washed my car 5 times in 8 days - we have been going through oak tree blooming time here, which results in pollen literally an inch thick on the car which glows neon yellow, plus little “worms” and last year's leaves. This means you can't see to drive, so you wash the car. I did that last week, and went to work for about 3 hours and came out to find my freshly washed car so covered in birdie deposits that it was lavender instead of white! I had to go back to the wash to be able to see out of the windshield again! Then, of course, it rained, and I got splashes of mud on it. I think I will wash the paint off before I can drive a clean car for 24 hours!

Congrats on your purchase.

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