Friday, April 4, 2008

My Runaway Stamping Time


Have you seen my stamping time? It's run away. I miss it and desperately want it back.

Seriously, the last card I made was Tuesday. I haven't had time to stamp until this morning - I've been too busy with other stuff. Mostly work-related stuff.

I'm SO glad today's Friday - 6.5 hours and I'm done for the week.

Plus I'll get the chance to finish the clipboard I started this morning (late start at work today) and show it off. I like how it looks so far - I'm about halfway done: the back's painted and the pieces of paper are Mod Podge'd on. Still need to trim the paper to be smooth on the edges, add some embellies to personalize it.

I'd show off the other project I was working on while paint was drying on the clipboard, but my Bud for the Challenge Chasers Random Acts of Kindness's (CCRAK's) Spring Fling looks at my blog. The Spring Fling is a secret person swap that's going on over April and May. I really like who I was chosen for me.

The sun's now out after a rainy morning. Hope it's shining down on you,

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