Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How I store my Nestabilities

***I wanted to give credit where credit was due, so I have to start out by saying that the idea for storing my Nestabilities in DVD tins comes from Gina K - who showed off the Gina K store's storage system on her blog in March. She's in my blog roll off to the right if you want to check her blog out.***

If you're new to stamping or haven't been keeping up with trends, Nestabilites are dies that are sold in sets of a certain shape and they graduate in size. The choices are mind-boggling sometimes - small classic ovals, large classic ovals, small scalloped ovals, large scalloped ovals... you get the idea. I've been buying mine from in full shape sets (aka: the large and small straight squares AND the large and small scalloped squares are in a full shape set.)

They come in plastic and taped to pieces of cardstock - great packaging for being in a store - not too great for my stamping room. I'd either have to hang them up or lay them down somewhere and space is limited.
So when I found how Gina K. stores her Nesties, I kept it in the back of my mind for when I was going to get them - I hadn't gotten any at the time of her post, but ideas were lurking in my mind. Metal DVD tins work amazingly for storage and I can personalize each tin for what's inside.

How I decorate my tins:

Items Used: DVD tin, DP, scissors, Mono Multi, Basic Grey Precision File set, magnetic tape, pencil.

Step 1: Trace your tin onto your paper and cut it out.

Step 2: Run Mono Multi all over your tin where the paper is going to go. Make sure you get the edges really well - sanding tends to loosen the edges.

Step 3: Let the glue set up for a few minutes and then use a file to get rid of the excess paper. I've found that using a coarse nail file and filing straight over the edge works the best.

Step 4: Now that the outside of the tin is done, I measure and cut my magnetic tape.

Step 5: Attach the magnetic tape. Now I don't have to worry about the magnet moving around in the tin - it's taped in.

The finished inside of the tin. For my Classic Rectangles and Classic Oval Nesties, they're narrow enough that I can fit a whole shape set in one DVD tin. I don't have that option with the squares, so I've split my shape set.

The finished outside of my tin. I was using double sided dp, so I could make each side unique. Since (as I said earlier) I have to split my shape set, I took some River Rock cardstock and ran it through my Nestie dies to show what's in what side of the tin. I also wrote on the diecut so I would be sure.

And that's how I make my Nestie tins stand out. Each tin has a different pattern of dp on it so I can tell just by looking at it what's in it.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday!


Shelly said...

Nice system Sara! Waving from not far away..........

Riley said...


This is a super idea!!! I don't have any nesties yet, but my aunt does and I am thinking this could be a great Christmas gift! Have a great day!

Jennifer Batchelor said...

This is awesome!! I just got my first full set and think I'll be doing this. I hope you're doing well!!

Marilyn said...

THANK YOU! I just bought my first set of nestabilities and I just did a web search: How to store nestabilities

Your website came up and I was so pleased that someone would share a great technique!!!!