Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Improved Dungeon **Lots of pictures**

First off, I'd like to say that confession is good for the soul (yesterday's post.) I felt I needed to be honest with myself and make it clear to anyone who reads the blog (and possibly cares) that I'm not perfect when it comes to things like not spending $. I'm trying to save up, but the urges get to you sometimes.

On Saturday I mentioned that I needed to clean the Dungeon - my stamping area in the basement. It was a mess and desperately needed to be organized. I also promised pictures.

I headed down there yesterday afternoon with my handy-dandy iPod and set off to work. (I had laundry going as well, so multi-tasking was the name of the game yesterday.)

Two and a half hours later, it's not perfect, but it's a whole lot better than it was.

Before pictures:
A random box I brought downstairs and never cleaned out (I actually stacked stuff on top of it.) A crate of extra SU cardstock and a pile of things to be altered.
Cart where I put my SU stamps.
The view down my table.
My dp rack and area around it.
Papertrey cardstock (and surrounding mess.)
Table - closest to my ink caddy.
Table - where I sit and work.
Table - dumping ground.

Middle/After Pictures:
The box is gone! (the rest of that stuff isn't mine.)
Yeah, I know, the crate looks messier than before. I moved all my dp into one place and I had more alterables to store.
View down the table. Yeah, it's worse - I had to put stuff someplace in order to sort it.
The cleaned off dp rack and new storage.
Hey, you can see my box of Papertrey cardstock! (which will be replaced by a file crate and files)
Another shot of the messy tabletop. But hey, we're making progress! Final status of the cart - Cuttlebug alphabets, plates and Nestabilities are stored in that purple storage caddy on top. View down the table. I figured out that the tray is perfect for the rolls of ribbon I've had floating around. Messy tabletop - not so messy now!
A clean tabletop!

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Denise said...

Wow, I love your craft room!!! Looks like you got EVERYTHING a stamper needs/wants!!