Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello, my name is Sara.

(hello, Sara)

I have a confession.

(sympathetic noises)

I mentioned about a month ago that I was on a buying moratorium - no buying anything stamping-related for a while.

(nods all around)

Well, I cheated on my moratorium.


I was on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum for SCS and I bought some Bella stamps from a person cleaning out her stamping room. It was a good deal: 3 stamps and shipping for $15. I'm helping another stamping person out - the stamps are going to a good home.

(semi-understanding nods)

Then, today, I was monitor shopping (window shopping online) and found myself on - where I found out that their really low price on Copics was only going to last until March 1st. So... I started looking at what markers they had available.

(groans of "oh, Sara")

I bought 13 markers and a colorless blender refill. It was a really good deal: the markers were about $4 a piece and the refill was about $4.75.


I fell off the wagon. I acknowledge this and understand that not spending money on stamping supplies is an on-going battle.

My goal: make it past Easter before I make another purchase. I survived the temptation of a Papertrey release this month. :)

(cheers of "you can do it, Sara!")

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