Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trying to Resist a Deal

In which I failed COMPLETELY.

Here's what's up:

I was on the other side of town this morning because I was asked to babysit. Danny's a great kid, smart as anything and a cutie to boot - the dog gave me more trouble than Danny did. Goofy dog that tries to eat anything including yogurt tubs and wooden blocks.

I'm not often on that side of town, so I drove out to Pages in Time in Jenison because I was on the hunt for Twinkling H2Os. I wanted more colors and they don't have them at the Pages in Time 5 minutes from my house.

There's a clearance going on - a STORE MOVING clearance. They moved to a different part of the building (a smaller part) and needed to get rid of a lot of stuff. It was 75% off items or $40 for a shopping basket filled up flush.

I had a dilemma: Fill the basket! Don't go to temptation, you have enough!

The title of my post - and the first line - say it all.

I filled the basket. 1 paint can of primas, 4 corner punches, 1 tin of metal letters, 1 package Basic Grey chipboard, alterable wine holder, snaps, eyelets, rub ons, brads, a 7 Gypsies handbag kit, 3 font cds and lots and lots of paper. And I'm just listing things off the top of my head.

All the Twinkling H2Os were gone. :(

Hope the week was good for everyone and Yay! for deals!

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