Sunday, March 18, 2012

*gasp* It's clean!

By this, I mean the Dungeon.  6 months after I jumped in and rearranged it, there is enough space on both tables for me to use them both!  Not sure how long it'll last, but it's clean!

I have a friend and coworker who is also crafty - and we set up a craft "play date" for yesterday.  (Can you tell I work with kids?)  

It was a Pinterest inspired craft day.  We both did melty crayon pictures - mine in a simple rainbow drip, hers was inspired by the colors in sunflowers.  Apparently my hair dryer isn't powerful enough to make this happen or I'm too impatient - probably option #2 - but I wound up using my embossing gun to melt the crayons.  She also made a sunglass holder with a chunky picture frame, tiny eyebolts, and wire.  My second project is kinda secret - due to the fact that I'm not sure if my mother ever sees this blog and the project is meant as a present for her.

I had a lot of fun crafting yesterday and definitely need to get some pictures up: the long-promised picture of my new Copic storage, the clean tables and my crayon artwork.

I'm itching to get inky again, so hopefully more cards are going to be in the works, especially after my new Papertrey stuff arrives.

Have a good week,

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