Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If You Create Some Cute Cards...

You're going to want to show them off to your coworkers by showing them pictures on your blog.  If you show them pictures on your blog, they're going to want to see them in real life.  If you bring in a box of cards, they're going to want to order some cards from you.

Which is precisely what happened Monday and Tuesday last week.  I brought in a photo box full of cards for coworkers to peek through on Tuesday and wound up with 2 orders totaling 27 cards.  Yay for me - a little bit of spending $.

And I'm done with all 27 cards - I worked in batches sitting in front of the tv.  It probably would have been easier to do them in the Dungeon where my work space is, but before getting started I assembled (and took pictures) of a snowflake wreath.  The Dungeon's not very well ventilated and the glue is something that should be used in a well ventilated space, so upstairs I went.

Today, I was showing off cards to another 2 coworkers and they want some goodies too - some small Ghiradelli boxes I made 2-3 years ago and a Valentine's card.

I will hopefully be back tomorrow to post the tutorial on the snowflake wreath.

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